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UNIVERSAL Gauge for Measuring Inside and Outside Diameters, Lengths, or Widths

Kolva Custom Gauge Company offers this reliable, adjustable and user friendly gauge to measure a variety of dimensions. With the standard gauge tips and calibration rings, the measurement ranges are 0.750" to 3.250" on I.D.'s, and 1.500" to 4.000" on O.D.'s. The same ranges can be measured on inside and outside lengths and widths. The gauge is adaptable to many other sizes and shapes through the design of specialized gauge tips and calibration tools for each specific application. 
The two Mitutoyo digital indicators are battery powered for portability, offers S.P.C. output capabilities, and have four decimal place read-outs. Standard end force indicators with 0.0001" resolution are stock, and low end force indicators with 0.0005" resolution are available. 
The two indicators can be "preset" to the nominal dimension of the calibration ring, resulting in the indicator displays showing the actual dimensions of the item being measured. Or, gauge tips and calibration tools for your specific applications can be designed and supplied, permitting the indicators to show plus or minus from your nominal specification. 
Typical R & R (Repeatability & Reproductiblity) values of 10% or less have been routinely obtained, based on typical S.P.I. tolerances, and having three operators measure ten samples three times each. 
Kolva Custom Gauge Company designs and builds precision, reliable, and easy to use surface contact gauges for S.P.C., Q.A., and Q.C. application. We can help you solve your difficult gauging problems by designing custom digital read-out gauges to measure your components. 

This photo shows the push rods used to retract the two indicators and the gauge tips when measuring I.D.'s. The photo at the top shows the collars attached to the opposite end of the push rods, used to retract the gauge tips when measuring O.D.'s. This arrangement enables the user to retract the gauge tips with one hand, while positioning the item to be measured with the other hand. The digital indicators have rotatable displays, so that the user can set them to be easily viewed in any gauge base orientation. 

This photo shows a gauge set-up to measure the I.D. of the sample. The photo at the top of this page shows the gauge set-up to measure the O.D. of the sample. The conversion between O.D. and I.D. measurements is accomplished by inserting the appropriate gauge tips, setting the indicators to read in the correct direction, and either applying or removing the external extension springs as shown in the photos. 

This photo illustrates the capability of this gauge to measure a variety of shapes and sizes. Because the two indicators and their associated gauge tips are independent from each other, they can be set-up to measure lengths, widths, I.D.'s, or O.D.'s. this gives the user the versatility to use the gauge for many different gauging needs. 



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