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Adjustable Dual Digital Thread Diameter Gauge

Kolva Custom Gauge Company offers this reliable gauge to measure the "T" diameter of plastic and glass bottles with finish sizes from 15 to 38mm. (0.575" to 1.464" diameters) Eight hardened and chromed steel Calibration Rings are provided with each gauge, made to standard S.P.I. nominal "T" diameter specifications.
The two Mitutoyo digital indicators are battery powered for portability, offer output capabilities, and have four decimal place displays. Low end force indicators with 0.0005" resolution are standard, and other indicators with normal end force and 0.0001" resolution are available.
The two indicators can be zeroed-out on the appropriate calibration ring, resulting in measurement readings shown on the indicator displays as plus or minus values; or a "Preset" nominal value (the calibration ring diameter) can be entered into the indicator's memories, resulting in measurement readings shown on the indicator's displays as true diameters of the bottle being measured.
A unique feature of this gauge is the pushrod assembly below the main platform, which enables the operator to retract the two indicator tips with one hand, while positioning the bottle with the other hand.

Kolva Custom Gauge Company designs and builds precision, reliable, and easy to use, surface contact gauges for S.P.C., Q.A. and Q.C. applications. We can help you solve your difficult gauging problems by designing custom digital read-out gauges to measure your components.
All bottle contact surfaces are made from hardened, chrome plated steel. Other parts are either stainless steel, hard anodized aluminum, or commercial gauge hardware components.

Shipping and Ordering Information 
We ship standard UPS unless otherwise specified by the customer. Gauges are shipped packed in polyurethane foam and double wall corrugated cartons. 

New Accounts 
We will ship on open account to all firms having a satisfactory Dun & Bradstreet rating. If your firm does not have a rating, please submit (3) trade references and the name, account number and telephone number of your bank. Please allow ten days for processing. If order shipment is required before references can be checked we will be glad to ship your first order C.O.D.

Net 30 days.


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